St Nicholas Pilgrimage on foot through the most beautiful landscapes of Csepel Island

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Parish is announcing a walking pilgrimage again this year. The route of the pilgrimage goes through the most beautiful landscapes of Csepel Island also touches the Serbian church in Szigetcsép, the Catholic church in Szigetszentmárton, and the Serbian Orthodox monastery in Ráckeve. The approx. 33 km long road runs mainly along the banks of the Little Danube and ends near the banks of the Great Danube.

Gathering: Szigetszentmiklós, Eklézsia str. Saturday, July 10th, 2021, at 6:30 a.m. 

Departure after blessing the pilgrims which will happen around 7:00 am.

 From Lórév, where the pilgrimage ends, approx. at 6:30 pm, a bus leaves for Ráckeve and Budapest. You can also take the ferry to Adony. The Ferry leaves for Adony every hour.

Everyone takes part in the pilgrimage at their own risk! The full length of the trip is recommended for participants who are in good physical condition capable for long distance walks. For less experienced pilgrims, it is advised to choose a shorter route, for example to join those already on the road at Szigetcsép or Ráckeve. It advised that you use hiking shoes which you have already tried out. Clothing should be thin, but should cover the shoulders at least, to prevent sunburn.. It is important to protect yourself from the scorching sun by using a hat or scarf, bring a raincoat and possibly a change of shirt for safety. All participants should pay close attention to fluid replacement. Recommended for light foods, as well as fruit and chocolate.